Trademark can be considered as an important part of a business. It is an intangible asset but despite of this, many businesses pay enough attention on this kind of asset. This is because any kind of asset brings economic benefits to a certain company and having a trademark is really beneficial.

One of the benefits of having a trademark registered is that one’s product can be properly protected. Infringement and fraudulent acts can be avoided when you are able to register your trademark. Another significant benefit is that one can gain goodwill or popularity to customers. An established trademark can facilitate on gaining popularity although this might take time.

Because of the importance of trademark, one must be able to protect it from infringement and other similar acts. One can do this by registering the trademark of your business. Although most of the registered trademarks are owned by businesses, trademarks can also be owned by individual.

In a country like China which has a fast growing economy, a lot of trademarks are being registered. For this reason, one must have the necessary information with regards to trademark registration in China.

The first step on doing so is to prepare all the necessary documents. These include a copy of current Business Registration Certificate of the applicant (if the applicant is a corporation) or a copy of Identification documents of the applicant (if the applicant is an individual person), a list of goods or services and a clear image of the trademark. Having all of these documents is very important on registering one’s trademark and one shall make sure to provide all of these documents.

The application for obtaining a trademark in China is relatively similar compare to other countries. One of the similarities is that the trademark being registered shall not be in conflict or similar to an existing trademark.

In China, there is a database for all the registered trademarks. This is to facilitate better accumulation of data and even easier registration of trademarks in China. When one is applying for a trademark registration, there is a preliminary screening and this may take a three month period which is applied for objections. If there are no objections within the time allotted, the trademark is registered.