trademark Search

Search of Identical or Similar Trademarks

Search of identical or similar TMs(SISTM): The system provides search for similar or identical trademarks in accordance with such elements as figures and characters. Users themselves can search to find out whether their trademarks are identical with or similar to the trademark of another person in respect of the same or similar goods.


Search of General Trademark Infomation

Search of general TM information(SGTMI): Users can search for the information related to a trademark by means of the trademark number, trademark content, and name of applicant.


Search of Trademark Status

Search of TM application status(STMAS): Users can search for the present status of a trademark application in the workflow in accordance with the trademark number.


Correction Sheet Concerning Errors in Trademark Database

Error report(ER): users can report wrong information to CTMO for correction.


From China Trademark Website:

“China Trademark Website” provides free search of trademark registration information, which is ONLY for reference without any legal effect according to the international practice. In spite of this, CTMO still makes every effort to offer as accurate information as possible to the public, and update the information in the trademark database in a timely manner. Where there is any problem concerning information related to trademark registration, please refer to Trademark Gazette published by CTMO. CTMO shall not be held liable for any result caused by use of trademark registration information on this website.