Deciding of Company Name and Type of a Company in Hong Kong

The first thing to decide is about name and type of company.
Company types
There is a wide range of companies from which, one can choose that would meet your specific requirements.
Limited Companies are the most used types of company setups. These are companies which are Hong Kong incorporated, meaning that their owners can be able to benefit from all tax concessions and benefits available to businesses in Hong Kong. They are fully incorporated including CEPA, the agreement on free trade with China Mainland.
Parent Company’s Branch Office: Companies which are not incorporated in Hong Kong establishing business places in Hong Kong, must be registered at the Registry of Companies as ‘Non-Hong Kong Companies’ under one month of set-up. Compared to subsidiary limited companies, branch offices are not separate legal entities from their parent companies and may benefit from funds leverage due to the rating of their owners.
Company Representative Offices may not engage in activities that are profit-making and may only undertake limited activities. If companies wish to explore the market in Hong Kong prior to making bigger investments, company representative offices can be useful. Companies deciding to start or enter into transactions that create legal obligations, they must alter their business structures to branch offices or limited companies.
Names of Company
A limited company which is Hong Kong incorporated, its name cannot be similar to that name on the company index names which are kept at the Companies Registry. The company index of names can be search online.
Structure of Company
Many limited companied, which are Hong Kong incorporated, are mostly private companies that are limited by share holding portfolios.
The private limited companies of Hong Kong require at least one secretary and a director to get registered. For a company with only one director, the single director may not be the company secretary simultaneously. The secretary should under ordinary situations stay within Hong Kong if she or he happens to be an individual and if body corporate, registered business place or office must be in Hong Kong. A director can also be appointed from any other country who is not a resident of Hong Kong.
Company registered office must be located within Hong Kong.
It is not mandatory that shareholders must be residents of Hong Kong. Sole shareholders may be company directors as well.