Information and Communications Technology

As Asia’s heading logistics, transportation and budgetary center, Hong Kong is the regular decision for Ict organizations needing to administration customers crosswise over Asia.

Data and Communications Technology

Hong Kong itself furnishes a prepared market for Ict organizations, with 3,800 territorial central command or business settings situated in the city and many Hong Kong organizations found all around the Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD) district. Hong Kong is likewise deliberately found in the focal point of Asia, so territorial Ict activities might be adequately actualized and oversaw from a center in Hong Kong, where an exceedingly gifted workforce is promptly accessible.

Hong Kong’s remarkable foundation likewise makes it a perfect base for organizations serving worldwide markets and a magnificent site for information centres. Its planet class telecommunication framework ranks second in the Penetration of High Speed Optical Technologies Index 2011. Associations incorporate eight submarine link frameworks, 17 overland link frameworks and eight satellites for outer interchanges, with progressively on the route in 2012 and 2013 incorporating the Asia Submarine-Cable Express and the Southeast-Asia Japan Cable. This suitability is supported by a solid power supply (right now surpassing 99.99 percent) and an environment generally free of characteristic catastrophes.

Information Centres

With its complex high-tech framework, tech-wise experts, solid power supply, and hearty implementation of information security and security, Hong Kong offers an astounding area for high-end territorial information centres in Asia-Pacific. As the area’s business center point, Hong Kong is home to numerous logistics, money and proficient administrations organizations, all of whom depend on secured information focus offices to backing their operations. A considerable lot of these organizations are outsourcing information space and administration, exhibiting an energizing chance for information focus administrators.

Investhk’s Ict group can offer useful direction and backing to information focus administrators searching for extension chances, and in addition to business end clients intrigued by setting up their information focus offices in the area.

Cloud Technology

Hong Kong is a heading local center point for cloud innovation, offering energizing nearby chances and incredible potential as a launchpad for venture into Mainland China and universal markets.

As a worldwide place for the money and assembling businesses, which are the biggest adopters of cloud engineering administrations, Hong Kong revels in solid neighborhood request with exceptional development potential.

Interest is supported by the Hong Kong Government’s proposal to convey e-administrations and data through distributed computing. The proposed Government Cloud environment incorporates capacities to backing base as an administration (Iaas), stage as an administration (Paas) and programming as an administration (Saas) as a private cloud for utilization by all legislature work places and divisions.

Assuming that you need to discover progressively about chances identifying with distributed computing in Hong Kong, please contact Investhk’s Ict group.

Programming and Services

The programming and administration industry is a key segment of Hong Kong’s Ict part. Request from multinationals and Sme customers is solid. A considerable lot of the planet’s heading programming administrations organizations base their provincial operations, for example, bargains and promoting, back, specialized backing and human assets in the city, reflecting their customers’ inclination for Hong Kong as a local base.

Hong Kong’s thorough insurance of erudite property, and its tech-smart buyers make the city a perfect testbed for organizations trying to start new items into Mainland China.

Investhk has helped programming and administrations suppliers set up in Hong Kong. To discover more, please contact Investhk’s Ict group.


Hong Kong is at the front line of worldwide telecommunications advertises, with a propelled base and high consume of administrations. All divisions of Hong Kong’s telecommunications showcase have been liberalised and there are no confinements on outside possession or cutoff points to the amount of specialists in the business. This, in addition to its tech-sharp experts and customers, and closeness to Mainland China, imply that Hong Kong is a fabulous local base for multinational telecoms organizations that need to enter Asia Pacific’s high-development advertises.