What to consider when registering for a trademark in Hong Kong

A trademark is a basically words or a symbol registered to represent a certain company or business. The main aim of a trademark is to allow the consumers to be able to differentiate one company from another. When it comes to trademark registration, different countries have different registration processes. In Hong Kong the registration process is really simple. The main advantage of using a trademark is that it gives you the right to use the trademark on your goods and services. This allows the consumer to know that the good or service provide is yours. When applying for trademarks in Hong Kong there are several factors that should be considered.

What to consider

All these factors should be taken into consideration in order to be assured that the trademark passes the registration process. The registration process is readily available from the government site. This is one of the reasons as to why it is really easy to apply for a trademark in Hong Kong. Some of the main factors that should be taken into consideration before you start the application procedure include;

  • Distinctive- you should ensure that your logo or word clearly defines the services and products you offer. It is advisable to ensure that you use unique trademarks in order to ensure that it passes. The logo or words should not be the same as any other company in the market.
  • Generalization- Ensure you avoid using general words when creating your trademark. The trademark should describe the services and products you offer and not generalize the product. For instance you should not use general logos like “quality belts”. Creativity is highly important when it comes to choosing a trademark.
  • Line of business- keep in mind some of the common phrases in your line of business and avoid them. Some business lines have common phrases and they should not be used when creating your trademark.
  • Uniqueness- the trademark registration of Hong Kong will reject any applications that have trademarks that are already in use by other registered individuals. It is necessary to research and find out whether your desired trademark is already in use or not.

These are the main factors that should be considered when submitting your trademark application. It is important to note that once the application is submitted and denied one will have to start the application procedure again. In order to avoid this it is advisable to take the above factors into consideration.